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     It has always been common knowledge in the development and construction

industry, that sidewalk paving work requires physical exertion, manpower and

pinpoint precision.professional bricklayers have labored for years, using their

bare hands,stooping and severely stressing their spinal coumns, and are

required to carry heavy loads of paving stones of varyung weights.

After a great deal of contemplation, planning and execution, a number

of devices appeared under the heading:

                               "kal-even" :   b-101, b-102, b-103

There are devices that totally alter the face of sidewalk, driveway

or patio paving work for all those involved in this profession.

  • no longer is there any need to lift curbstones of a weight of up to 100 kg. using bare hands
  • the work is carried out standing up, with the back being erect, and under conditions of maximum comfort.
  • there is no hand contact with the stones, so no injuries can result.
  • the work is done more safly and quickly , and productivity increases accordingly.
  • using the devices , work is also possible in the winter months, due to the fact that there is no hand contact with the paving stones.
  • the devices are galvanized, are durable over time, execute precision work and can be adapted to paving stones of various sizes, which brings us to the natural conclusion:

  with: "kal-even" its safe and easy!  

102_home      102_home             1032

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 e-mail:            beny@kal-even.com  

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